The Mormon Gamer:

For gamers, for Mormons, and for their intersection.

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Welcome to The Mormon Gamer!

Thank you for checking out the site. This rebuild dates from 21 April 2014, now that I have the domain name I've wanted for some time (and without overpaying for it!)

As you might guess from the title, this site will be a mashup of two overarching themes.

The main theme is gamer. I have collected games of many kinds since the mid 1960s. Big games, little games, simulations, abstracts, children’s games, RPGs, party games, foreign games, all of it. And this site will scratch again a niggling itch to write about them. There will be reviews of tabletop games, a little coverage of traditional games like bridge, chess, and go, and possibly a few archival pages about my original designs. Electronic games won't see much coverage. (I don’t even own a dedicated game platform, just my iPad and iPhone. But you can play a lot with those!)

The modifying theme is Mormon. I have been a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 1999. My faith influences, but does not determine, everything I do including the pursuit of my gaming hobby. You won’t see reviews here taking on a religious slant. But you will see a marked preference for games that can be enjoyed in families and themes that are positive and uplifting. Occasionally there will also be a content alert, pointing specifically to themes that some of my fellow LDS readers and others of a generally conservative religious bent may wish to note. I’ll give well-done games well-done evaluations, while sometimes marking reasons that certain buyers may still wish to be wary.