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Game: Tsunami!

Published: 2014

Category: Thematic

No. Players: 2-4

Duration: 45 min

Designer: Alyssa & David Garver

In One Word: GOOD

Cover of Tsunami!


Be a genius billionaire philanthropist and save the world . . . making sure you get the credit. This game features a theme that stretches even my ability to suspend disbelief and a minimalist but working action system. You get one action per turn—build a ship, recruit, grab a civilization card, or raise money—and only 9-13 actions until the Big Wave. Every decision matters. Recruiting auctions can be tense. When dice sink your biggest ship on a 90% chance to survive it hurts. Snarky fun, with just enough strategy for a game geek and light enough mechanics for a non-gamer.

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